Bacaba Demos

by Shady Lane

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released February 8, 2011



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Shady Lane Toms River, New Jersey

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Track Name: I Say, We've Got a Reprisal On Our Hands Here
Now, everyone, what have we learned today? Are we all the same? Have we done our share of changing? I can't tell - I haven't talked to you. So, is it true that all I'm doing is aging? I went through the fire and now I'm out, but you can't tell, because I lost my emotion. But I'm ready now to take another chance on what could be actually worth believing... or maybe not at all.

We can't sit back. We can't just watch, or else we'll fall. I can't tell, but I'm hoping I won't break down and lose it all.

Harmonies we're never going to hear have all been lost, 'cause AJ's on hiatus. No sing-alongs, no partners to work out, and, oh my God, I'll have to do more driving. You've left me all alone. And you are gone - you're going.

I'm illegitimate, and I am separate from the best - from the rest. We get to start again - no broken promises - and I raise this glass, and I drink to that.
Track Name: Getting Even
(Girl) "I wait for the day when I can calmly say that I'll stand by my choice to love you and leave you - a terrible sacrifice. And it's true, I thought I'd need you, but as sure as the sun shines, I know that there's another guy for me to try to replace you. Because the farther I get from you, the closer I am coming to revealing eye of my mind, where everything I do is just fine. I know that there is so much more that I could do to prove that I hate you."

(Guy) "It's that gust of wind that's brought us here again. The ditch where we both lie has only room enough for one, so stop placing your hand in mine. How could you? I thought I knew you. I guess the backwards society is causing you to act so cruel. You're see-through. I see right through you. But should I hyperventilate and waste all of my breath on you?

Repeating the same mistakes is becoming the new trend as of late. I'm pouring out my heart and soul to give you ample proof. But you don't have a clue."

And we've been just getting even. It seems like everything we've ever done was just to entertain ourselves...

But, all scheming thoughts aside, there's something that I've got on my mind. If this is what attraction means then what's the point in us wasting our time?
Track Name: Collision Course
Hot : cold :: night : daytime. The calm of the sky begins to fade away. The beautiful sound of breezes moving tree leaves is replaced by the sound of me taking the blame. I stutter my speech for a moment or two, but, as we all know, that's nothing new.

Where are you now? It's time that we got moving. This is the point that I've been trying to make. We quietly sit and take in all the scenery. We're going nowhere, but sometimes that's ok. But money is tight and our wallets feel light, so that means there's nothing to do.

She said, "Get in the car. Come on, let's rock. There's a sale going down at the record shop. We'll spend our money 'til it all runs out."

The smoke starts to come, and now I really smell it. My stomach still hurts, and you really don't mind. We cover it up with many different flavors. I'm losing control. Now I've lost my appetite!

But sometimes forgiveness is not enough when the problem still won't go away...

I said, "Please, give it up! It's not much fun to see you fill your mouth with a loaded gun." You'd pull the trigger just to see me scream, and I'd hope this was all a dream.

Telephone conversations slow you down. Driving toward the bridge and out of town. Leave on the light. Forget about tonight. Don't think about it for a day or two.

You're ticking me off. You've got to stop. I really hate it, babe, when you're up top. So come on over, let me see you smile. And at this rate, it could take a while. I feel a tension building up in me - an ugliness I haven't seen. If things can't be forgiven, let it be.
Track Name: Melody
There's a lot of pressure in the lungs inside my chest, and I know that I'll be dead if I don't release it. You've shown me the way, but it's time I make my own. Now I'd really like to know if you can keep a secret. It's my time to go, I can feel. My head is pounding, the melody resounding in my ears. I may fear the worst, and I hope my nerves will ease up and my memory won't freeze up before I'm through.

What if this is my last chance to play for you? There's no future engagement you can hold me to. What if every song I've ever written for you was gone, like you never knew?

Memory deceives me. Then again, I never knew if these people ever truly believed me. So now, what have I done? Is ambition still enough? If I faded out of frame, would you still need me to sing your lullabies? Take my picture from a still frame. And underneath, you can write my name in bright blue. And softly hum the music, let it soothe you, let it hold you. Let it wrap you in a warm, melodic tune.

Can I make a correction to everything I've said? I'm going to sit beside you, when you're lying in your bed. When the fever that's inside you gives you a fight, I will sing you through the night.
Track Name: Everything Expected from Us
Oh, where do you go when you've got nowhere to go, honey? Don't even try to stop now. It's too late to ever stop now. Look at the people running around, as if they've got someplace they should be. What is it that's so important that cannot wait another minute? I don't think they'll ever get it.

I can't think straight tonight. I don't know what I'm doing with my life. I don't know which road to go down, 'cause my car was towed.

You stay so busy all the time. And you're so tired you cannot think. Slow it down. There is no hurry. I hate how you always hurry. Over dinner we can talk about our heavy hearts - everything expected from us is everything we'd rather not. But some things expected from us are somebody else's wants.

Songs are how I express my thoughts, and they're jumbled, at best. Lines and lines go down; some good, and some are bad.
Track Name: Wake Me Up
It's too late, and I can't help. You'll just have to save yourself when the ship starts going down, 'cause I've already left this town. You may think that you're alone, and no one else has ever known blurring lines of right and wrong. I can't tell which side I'm on.

And you'll see me. Wake me up if I'm asleep. I can take what you give me. We're spinning around and settling down. I guess this is the thanks I get.

I've been told that happiness eats away the loneliness that's starting to become your mood. You feel that there is nothing you can do.

So take my hand. It's ok, just believe me. I'm still your friend. I am here if you need me to help you survive and not take a dive. There is hope that comes by the morning: A new change from glory to glory.